Bella is Back Running Again

Dr Camille Brandt is a vet who discovered Rose-Hip Vital® Canine when searching for a product to help her 13 year old kelpie, Bella, who had signs of arthritis and had ruptured her cruciate ligament. After trying may other products, within one month of using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine, Bella was running again which hadn’t happened for at least two years.

Camille describes the incredible effects of using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine and how it helped Bella and changed both their lives for the better.

“My Bella is a 13-year-old kelpie. She has had signs of arthritis in her back legs for the last three years – she was slow to get up, slowed her pace on a walk and was quieter within herself. For the last three years she has been on many products to help with her arthritis (including Cartrophen injections, Joint Guard, Omega 3, Metacam, Hills JD). Unfortunately, things got worse when Bella ruptured her cruciate ligament one year ago, which was surgically repaired. I live on a large property and let Bella wander off leash whilst I walked my other two dogs. We used to catch  up to Bella on the way back, and she had only walked half the distance that we walked.

I started Bella on Rose-Hip Vital® Canine nine months ago and within just one month she was running again. I was bought to tears, as I have not seen Bella run for at least two years! She now keeps up with the other two dogs on the daily walk and trots along happily. I am so happy with her improvement on Rose-Hip Vital® Canine – not just her mobility, but also her activity levels and her general attitude and alertness.

Unfortunately, 15½ year old Bella lost her battle with heart disease and passed away in October 2015. She survived two years and three months with dilated cardiomyopathy, which is amazing as the diagnosis is usually weeks to months of life. Every extra day Camille had with Bella was a blessing, and we are truly thankful that we could play a part in that extra time they had.