How Do You Give Rosehip Vital To Your Dog, Especially Fussy Ones?

We often get asked by owners just how they should give Rose-Hip Vital® Canine to their dogs. This is especially the case for dogs who are fussy eaters, or who have sensitive stomachs! Here we give you some tips on how to feed Rose-Hip Vital® Canine to your furry friend.

Firstly, Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is a fine powder so you are able to mix it easily into your dogs food – although not into anything hot as heat can ruin the effectiveness of the product.

The best food to mix it in, is going to be what your dog loves to eat the most, what is their favourite food and what do they enjoy? Rose-Hip Vital® Canine mixes easily into things like wet food, raw mince, whisked egg, coconut oil, tuna, sardines, salmon, low fat Greek yoghurt or lactose free dog milk for example.

Some owners wanted to know if their dog would like or notice the taste. Rose-Hip Vital® Canine does not have a strong taste or smell – it is 100% natural made only from the patented Rose-Hip Vital® powder. In our experience and hearing feedback from owners, most dogs love the taste & even fussy dogs who were at first unsure, now refuse to eat their food until their Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is added in. Some love it so much they will eat straight from the scoop!

Don’t worry, even super fussy eaters come to love Rose-Hip Vital® Canine! You just need to start slow (such as a pinch as if its salt being added to a meal) and gradually increase as your dog gets used to it. It might take you 3 or 4 days to reach the recommended loading dose or even 2 weeks – just do what works best for you and your dog. Just note, the initial 3 week loading dose period, won’t start until your dog is on their recommended loading dose for their weight.

Even if your dog has a sensitive stomach, we recommend introducing the product very gradually to ensure tolerance, even slower than for the fussy dog. If your dog has a medical history of stomach sensitivity, then it would be advisable to check with your veterinary practice first. However, one of the effects of Rose-Hip Vital is that is has been shown to help with Chron’s disease in people, which is a form of IBS (inflammatory bowel disease).

Normally the incredible results are seen towards the end of the initial 3 week loading dose period, however for some dogs, owners tell us they see results sooner than this, and some a little after this. Also if you are introducing gradually due to a fussy or sensitive dog, then of course you will see results slightly later. It does vary dog to dog depending on their health issues, what their daily physical activities are, if they are encouraged to play more by their fur brothers and sisters and the severity of their condition.