Sarsha is Running and Enjoying Farm Life Again!

We love hearing positive stories of how Rose-Hip Vital® Canine has helped owners and their gorgeous dogs keep doing what they love. There is nothing more important to us than seeing a dog’s health and happiness being handed back to them and their owner.

This is Linda and Sarsha’s story.

“We live on a farm and one year ago we noticed our 13-year-old border collie was not willing to join in the farm life she once loved! Sarsha was always a very active border collie with two gears: running flat out or sleeping after a full day on the job!  After a particularly big day, she jumped and hurt her front left knee.  She seemed to be back to normal after a while, but as she got older the injury came out in the form of arthritis.  It broke my heart to see that she stopped wanting to be part of farm life and,clearly in distress, she would lick her leg constantly. 

I needed to find a solution. Not liking what I was reading about pain relievers, I started doing some research on natural products that could help her. Rose-Hip Vital® Canine was where my research took me.

Within just one month of using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine, we could see a remarkable improvement in not only her arthritis but her overall well-being and mood as well.  She was back to helping with the cattle, gardening with her human mum (me) and playing soccer with her friends Bella (King Charles cavalier– six years old) and Holly (border collie number two- 12 years old)!  We decided that all our fur babies deserved to feel this good and popped them on it too! 

A few months later we found ourselves in a tough financial situation and decided to take a break from the product. We were hoping that because Sarsha had been on the product for a while, she would be OK with a small break.However,we noticed her limp got worse quite quickly and she didn’t want to participate in her favourite pastime any more - soccer!  We got her straight back on the product and almost overnight she was back to her old self – it is that effective. This product is up there as simply the best in our eyes - we have seen the life changing results for ourselves.

My gorgeous girls are so happy and full of life and I truly believe that Rose-Hip Vital® Canine has given us more time with our precious fur babies, with no more pain and a new lease of life. A big thank you to you all - what you do for so many is truly amazing! Linda.”

Stories like this warm our heart; to have a product that can change lives so dramatically is a blessing everyday.